About Me

Hi there! I’m Alexandra, a 23-year-old nomad on my way back to New York. After experiencing some Faustian crises and existential qualms, I set out on a mission to engage with the areas of life that promote light, and to apply those to moments of darkness. Out of this search for shiny things, My Shiny Reflections was born in 2014 during my gap year between high school and college.

Starting in Malibu, and making my way through New York and Boston, I have explored the nature of my happiness, and the role I play in fostering positivity and gratitude in my daily life. My Shiny Reflections has grown with me through these discoveries as a blog that records my adventures, delights, obstacles, and resolutions. As a sensitive explorer, I hope to offer a new perspective for others who have come across similar questions, dilemmas, or joys, and to spark thoughts in those who have not.


One Reply to “About Me”

  1. Hi Alex, I am so very proud of you. I know Joy would love to see you again one of these days. You went through hell early in life and now you will be “shining like a diamond in the sky”. I am glad that you were strong enough to beat the beast and that you are now feeling great. Actually your blog is extremely inspiring and I am very impressed by the quality of your writing. You should think of writing a novel/essay/book of what you went through. It would inspire teenagers and young adults (and I am sure older ones). I am truly extremely happy for you and your family.
    Hervé, Magali & Joy!!!

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