Looking Around


I believe we are all in recovery. I believe every person on this planet, by the time they are old enough to read this, is recovering from something. I believe our purpose is to see the things that weigh us down- the people, the places, the things that keep us in a position of remorse, reflection, or sadness- and find a way to free ourselves. I believe we are all in recovery.

Those things, the ones that ties us down, have purpose, too. If we could not recognize the places of dissatisfaction, we would not strive for something more. The discovery of what is wrong, reminds us of what is right and of what we want. However, a question that has always made me think is, “What are you recovering to?” Being aware of the negatives is useful, yet ruminating on them can keep us stuck, or bring us deeper into despair. I believe staying inspired is the way we stay in recovery.


Lately, I’ve spent the vast majority of my free time exploring Boston and reading. I was once told, “Life is too short for bad books,” and I feel strongly that the types of books we read influence the way we think and behave, just as do our surroundings and the people with whom we choose to associate. Going through the New York Times best-seller list has kept me stimulated and motivated.

When I was young, I would get completely absorbed in novels, putting myself in the place of each character and feeling as though I had, in some ways, become him or her. With perspective and a greater sense of self, this experience has changed. Though I’m still intensely impressionable, I find myself in a greater state of connection, rather than transformation. I feel enhanced by my readings, and look to these connections to build myself up, and to the stories to open myself to the endless possibilities the world has to offer.

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In my explorations, I have felt a greater sense of belonging. I know my way around each nook in Boston and continue to find new restaurants I love, new spots to people watch, and new people to watch. I feel the same inspiration in the beauty of nature and the wonder of human development. Each building a reminder of the extraordinary capabilities of mankind, and each historical landmark a reminder of our progress and how far we’ve come.

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We have far to go and remembering that allows it to be so. Children aspire to be the next president, to walk the moon, or to live in castles. As we grow up, our expectations of ourselves and our aspirations often dwindle under the cyclic messages that the extraordinary is farfetched. It is so important to remember that there truly are endless possibilities. We are not limited. We are in recovery.



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